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ENDORSE - ENhancing individual and institutional infectious Disease Outbreaks ResponSe capacities of healthcare professionals to mitigate infectious Emergencies in the Northern Uganda region

Awareness rising

Specific objectives

  • Raising awareness at different levels
  • Contributing to the setting of policy objectives
  • Creating opportunities for further developments after the end of the project
  • Increase the number of project partners and engaged stakeholders for a more wide-spread network
  • Disseminating project results


The project will address awareness-raising, communication and dissemination by involving not only healthcare workers but also other relevant actors at different levels in the final project activities. This will include political, administrative, non-governmental, academic, industrial and research institutions, as well as other possible stakeholders and the general public, where appropriate, at the local, national, regional and international level. This will provide a unique opportunity for fruitful engagement and “knowledge brokerage” between the different parties and it will foster the impact of project activities and results. Awareness raising and dissemination activities will ensure that project objectives, activities and methodologies developed within the project are widely promoted to the target groups while stressing the need of exploitation of the project results and products. Relevant research results will be made available to both the national and the international scientific community through publication or presentation at national and international conferences. Indeed, researchers will be supported in finding outlets for presentation of work in progress and for publication, including workshops, conferences, open access journals and online fora.
In addition, the involvement of policy-makers in the dissemination activities will contribute to support the uptake of results not only within the framework of laboratory and clinical practices at local, national and/or international level, but also at policy-making level.
The very last phase of the project envisages the organization of a final conference that will involve representatives of the ENDORSE community members at all levels. The main objective of this final conference will be the presentation of project results, as well as to represent a forum where to identify and debate ways forward and opportunities for further developments after the end of the project.