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ENDORSE - ENhancing individual and institutional infectious Disease Outbreaks ResponSe capacities of healthcare professionals to mitigate infectious Emergencies in the Northern Uganda region

EDCTP ENDORSE FINAL CONFERENCE, Global Friendship Hotel, Gulu, Uganda

ENDORSE Final Conference

December 14th, 2017

Global Friendship Hotel, Gulu, Uganda

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Final Conference which will be held on December 14th at Global Friendship Hotel, Gulu, Uganda

The Final Conference is the very last phase of ENDORSE Project, and its main objective will be the presentation of the project results, both from the implementers and the beneficiaries’ points of view. In addition, the event will be a unique occasion to identify and debate ways forward with the contribution of the participants.

ENDORSE main purpose is capacity building in the region of Northern Uganda by training healthcare workers in biosafety and personal protection from infectious agents in both laboratory and patient-care settings. Capacity building objectives are achieved by designing and testing a sustainable Train-the-Trainer (TtT) model which is be implemented via subsequent training phases to build sustainable capacities. Knowledge development and transfer is based on a transferable model of training. Tailorable to specific local needs, ENDORSE training model can be adapted and used in different contexts.

We would like to thank again our partners for their collaboration, especially the Global Friendship Hotel for hosting this event. We are looking forward to meet you all very soon!

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