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ENDORSE - ENhancing individual and institutional infectious Disease Outbreaks ResponSe capacities of healthcare professionals to mitigate infectious Emergencies in the Northern Uganda region

ENDORSE T-t-T Phase 2 course implemented at St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital

EDCTP ENDORSE Train the Trainers (T-t-T) Phase 2 training course took place from 24th to 26th July 2017 at St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital for the benefit of 20 pre-selected participants, comprised of 14 clinical and laboratory personnel of the hospital – including the president of Epidemic Preparedness Committee – and 6 health-care officers from lower health facilities of the district.

Thanks to the great auspices of the hospital administration, devotion of the trainers and attentiveness of the participants the training course has been implemented successfully. It was officially kicked-off by a welcome speechaddressed by Dr. Emmanuel Ochola and Dr. Cyprian Opira from hospital administration and with introduction of the ENDORSE Project by the Project Manager. The course subjects were delivered by the ENDORSE T-t-T Phase 1 alumni Ms. Susan Amitocan and Mr. Joel Opiyo Ocora focusing on laboratory aspects, and Dr. Diana Angom Okello and Ms. Sharon Lillian Aber focusing on clinical aspects. In addition, the trainers of Phase 2 were also supported by the Project trainer Dr. Davide Mileto as facilitator during the whole course time. Unlike Phase 1, in the 2nd Phase of ENDORSE trainers decided the course subjects from Phase 1 curricula according to the more specific needs of their hospitals.

Thanks to the fully engaged participants, during this 3 days training course both theoretical and practical sessions became a scene for interactive dialogues with the trainers and the ENDORSE team. The course was a good opportunity for participants to examine their own daily practices, as well as to identify some of the common wrong practices and to discuss the ways on how to apply principles of biosafety in the framework of their hospital. In particular, having the President of the Epidemic Preparedness Committee in the audience stimulated proactive comments and discussions, and participants took this occasion to advance their requests and advocated for more hospital resources to be devoted to infection prevention and control tools. Furthermore, participants had chance to directly experience donning and doffing of PPEs that they have to use in case of possible epidemic outbreaks. While rest of the theoretical and practical sessions took place at hospital’s library, last day’s practical session held in the isolation unit of the hospital where different spaces and tools were available and made the exercises more realistic.

The training course was closed with the distribution of attendance certificates and the closing speech of Executive Director Dr. Cyprian Opira. Finally, participants clearly expressed their willingness to continue this training course for the benefit of their other colleagues at the hospital and also for the health care personnel in the lower facilities of the district as well, which will ensure the cascade effect of the ENDORSE Project in the region. In addition, together with the ENDORSE Project Team the whole group had chance to discuss how to further profit from the ENDORSE Project and its network to improve and transmit the knowledge gathered, and develop new opportunities for broader national and international cooperation.

St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital is one of the ENDORSE Project Partners which host the first phase of ENDORSE T-t-T at their premises from 24th to 29th of April 2017. It is the largest private non-profit hospital in Uganda and was funded in 1959 in Gulu. While serving primarily to the population of Gulu, Anuru and Nwoya districts, with its 590 personnel and 482 bed capacity it also serves to the patients from other districts as well as from other parts of Uganda.