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ENDORSE - ENhancing individual and institutional infectious Disease Outbreaks ResponSe capacities of healthcare professionals to mitigate infectious Emergencies in the Northern Uganda region

ENDORSE T-t-T Phase 2 course implemented at the Gulu Military Hospital

ENDORSE Train the Trainers (T-t-T) Phase 2 training course took place between 24th to 26th July 2017 at the Gulu Military Hospital, where it was officially kicked-off by a welcome speech that has been delivered by the Director Francis Okello and the ENDORSE Project Team.

With the support of the hospital administration, dedication of the trainers and the fruitful interaction of the participants, the training course was implemented for the benefit of 14 pre-selected participants, who are clinical and laboratory personnel of the hospital. The course subjects were delivered by the ENDORSE T-t-T Phase 1 alumni Mr. Pius Alir (focusing on laboratory aspects) and Dr. Robert Luis Otim (focusing on clinical aspects). Trainers of Phase 2 were also supported by the Project trainer Dr. Alessandro Mancon as facilitator. Unlike Phase 1, in the 2nd Phase of ENDORSE trainers decided the course subjects from Phase 1 curricula according to the more specific needs of their hospitals.

During this 3 days training course, hospital trainers achieved to successfully transmit their knowledge thanks to the skills they developed by Adult Learning Principles sessions of Phase 1. Participants had chance to receive knowledge on their field of work through theoretical sessions and they directly experience donning and doffing of PPEs at practical sessions. The course became an open dialogue area by fruitful discussions between participants, hospital trainers and the ENDORSE Project Team on biosafety at the hospitals and in particular in case of an emergency outbreak. Furthermore, participants discussed the ways that they can benefit more from the knowledge and practical skills gained through ENDORSE Project at their hospital and at their district.

The training course was closed with the distribution of attendance certificates and participants expressed their gratitude to the ENDORSE Project for receiving such training course that will make their working environment a safer place.

Gulu Military Hospital is a public hospital located in the campus of the headquarters of the 4th Division of Uganda’s People Defense Force (UPDF) and caters to UPDF personnel and their families as well as the civil population of their district. It founded on 1960s and it has a bed capacity of 72 with 83 hospital staff.